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"From Elisée Reclus’ Globe to the 2025 Global Village"

On July 16th and 17th, EXPOFRANCE 2025 presented to all its partners the first components of the candidacy application that will be submitted to the IBE in April. This “draft proposal” will unveil the innovative and original concept behind France’s candidacy. 

A World Expo is first and foremost “an invitation to share” and exchange knowledge regarding the key issues of our planet. That is why the invitation to hospitality, starting in 2013 and offered by the students of the Sorbonne revealed itself as a universal value, which sets Man at the heart of the project. Man, heart and territories came together to create a first phrasing: “Opening up the very heart of all peoples and lands”.

This phrasing will generate a slogan, which will be revealed at the start of the international campaign. 



France’s candidacy is driven by the will to stay true to the initial spirit of the great universal expos, to scrupulously respect the International Bureau of Expos’ (IBE) terms and specifications and to renew the concept to bring to it the modernity that comes from the evolution of uses and technologies. With one goal in mind: to offer the visitor an immersive, interactive and unrivaled experience. 

The 2025 World Expo is organized around one central space “The Global Village”, of great “Theme-specific Forums” spread out over many sites and a catalogue of “Detours” throughout France.

By extensively revisiting the mobility we allow for the travelling times to be optimized offering the visitors the opportunity to continue their immersion thanks to new technologies. Time is no longer endured but rather lived as a moment of exchange and sharing.

The concept of “medals” which were given to deserving innovative products in the nineteenth century is today reintroduced as a system of quality seals that will bless the products and innovations that have tackled the ethical and sustainable stakes of this new century. 

Panorama de l'exposition universelle de 2025

© Sensual City Studio


1. From Elisée Reclus’s Globe in 1900 to the Global Village in 2025 … 

This “Global Village” will be set at the heart of the GRAND PARIS, near the new train station for the Grand Paris Express, totaling a surface of 200 000 to 300 000 sq. m.

It will be the central point of the 2025 World Expo and will welcome all the countries of the world that will be equally represented, by each participating in the promotion of their territory and in the animation of a conviviality space.

The heart of this village will be materialized by a physical Globe – inspired by the unfinished project of the earth globe to the 100 000th designed by Elisée Reclus for the World Expo of 1900 to show the visitor a true immersion at the heart of the world and a growing awareness of the common heritage that is the earth -. At the heart of this globe the visitors will be able live through an unparalleled immersive and interactive experience to discover the territories and those who live in them. All the international actors of innovation will be called upon to participate in the elaboration of a crowdsourcing platform that will open five years prior to its inauguration in order for this initiative to be a true think-tank of new technologies in imaging, virtual reality and interactivity.

The Globe will be surrounded by a conviviality space gathering all the countries of the world. Bars, restaurants and cafes will mingle with artists’ workshops to emphasize the principle of humanity that characterizes these great meetings between populations.

This concept of the global village satisfies in every way the main criteria of the IBE: a central site, a true contribution to progress, an educational awareness, a fair appreciation of all countries, a strong conviviality and a strong reconversion project of the site. 

2. The great Thematic Forums

Beyond the Global Village, every country will be invited to participate in one or more forums in order to promote their cultural economic academic and touristic assets. There will be immersive experiences as well as meeting spaces between countries to discuss the high stakes of our planet’s future. These forums will be dispatched at the heart of the Grand Paris and throughout the major French metropolises. This polycentric approach complementary to the Expo will allow for multi-entry project and will facilitate the movement of visitors. Each thematic Forum’s project will be established with the help of an ad hoc scientific committee gathering French and international public figures who will participate in the definition of its specifications.

3. The Detours and Wanderings of the World Expo 

In order to open up the World Expo to all territories, each French city or town will be able to offer up a site for the “Detours” catalog and therefor enrich the visitor’s experience. A more “urban” version of these Detours will be offered: the Wanderings, thematic walks for the visitors. 



By ensuring an economic model with no public funding, and by leaning the Forums against great cultural heritage sites or against projects already programmed for 2025, France’s candidacy aims to be virtuous and eco-responsible, in order to aim for a long-term investment strategy. The government and the communities will interfere only in the sustainable infrastructures, the availability of sites and in their state missions.

The first macro-economic simulations have led to these hypotheses: 40 to 60 million visitors; 25 billion euros of economic impact; 150 to 200 000 new jobs, and 0,5 to 1 of additional sustainable growing point. These hypotheses will be laid out during an economic conference held in October. 


Reminder for the IBE calendar

April 2016: Submission of the official candidacy for France; 2017: Each candidate country will be at the heart of an inquiry led by the IBE; 2016-2018: International campaign and promotion of the candidacy presented to the 167 other members of the IBE; 2018: Vote of the State members of the IBE and selection of the host country of the 2025 World Expo; 2019- 2025 Organization of the 2025 World Expo.


“This unique candidacy must not be built on set codes and reflexes from the industrial revolution, it must on the contrary look ahead to the future and lead France into a new era of progress, international reach and audacity. The exhibit gives way to experience; the model is both entrepreneurial and sustainable; culture, craftsmanship and innovation intertwine to give every Man new perspectives of development” says Jean-Christophe FROMANTIN, President of EXPOFRANCE 2025 and supporter of this candidacy.



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